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Currently Spanish is the mother tongue of about 455 million people.

Along with those who speak Spanish as a second language, the number rises from 450 to 500 million. In this way, Spanish, after Mandarin, Hindi and English, is the fourth most spoken language in the world.

After English, Spanish is the second most common language studied throughout the world.

Spanish is the official language spoken in the European Union, the Organization of American States, as well as in the United Nations.

Our courses regularly start at all levels. After taking a placement test and having a personal conversation with us, we will gladly recommend a tailored course that meets your needs.

Our course program consists of group courses made up of a small number of participants; private or two-party lessons at our school, at your firm or at your home. Our current lessons can be supplemented with multimedia programs which makes it then possible for you to learn while on the way.

Our course follows the Common European Framework and will prepart you for the D.E.L.E certificate.

Upcoming Spanish courses

Thu 23

Spanish Evening Course A2

12. July 2017 - 31. January 2018
Thu 23

Spanish Evening Course B1

17. August 2017 - 8. March 2018
Thu 23

Spanish Learn & Go A1/A2

22. November 2017 - 20. December 2017
Sat 25

Spanish Saturday Course A1

25. November 2017 - 17. March 2018
Jan 08

Spanish Evening Course B2

8. January 2018 - 16. July 2018
Jan 15

Spanish Evening Course A2

15. January 2018 - 23. July 2018