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It’s always good to have some knowledge of the local language. It’s certainly an advantage to be able to chat a little bit with the locals. In 10 lessons you will learn everything you may need for your trip.

Lesson 1 To say hello, to introduce oneself, to say goodbye, to ask for permission
Lesson 2 Important words and sentences in daily life
Lesson 3 Food and beverages
Lesson 4 Ordering food, the numbers, asking for prices
Lesson 5 Role-playing in a restaurant
Lesson 6 Other important daily situations
Lesson 7 The most necessary things on a trip, clothing
Lesson 8 Grocery shopping, shopping tips
Lesson 9 Asking for information, public services, on the road
Lesson 10 At a hotel, repetition


Course duration: 28 week– attendance for solitary weeks possible
Course time: Every Wednesday from 18:00-20:00
Groupsize: 4 to max. 10 people
Course costs: CHF 300.00
Course material: inclusive


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