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KDE Cantonal German Tests
for the Naturalization Procedure

allegra! Language & Integration is an authorised Center for the Cantonal German Test (KDE) as approved by the Canton of Zurich.


  • The Test has 4 parts: Listening (B1), Reading (A2), Writing (A2) and Speaking (B1).
  • The Listening, Reading and Writing parts take approximately 1.5 hours. Firstly you will hear a short article and read a small text. You will then answer questions regarding the texts. You will also be required to write a short text about a given topic. (roughly 40 words).
  • The Speaking Part takes approximately 15 Minutes. You will speak with two examiners about your daily life, such as family, friends, work, school, hobbies, traveling and health.
  • Accessories e.g. mobile phones and dictionaries are prohibited during the entire Exam.
  • Please bring a valid Identification Card with you to the test.
  • The results will be transmitted to your Commune two weeks after the Exam. Please enquire there about the results.
  • Should you fail and wish to retake the exam, this will be decided by the Communal authorities. You may collect a recommendation letter from us.

Dates 2017

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The registration form for the Cantonal German Test (KDE) is availabe at your Commune. You or your Commune should submit this registration form with a cover letter (personally/by post/by E-Mail).